Petsafe 7.5x7.5x4 Box Kennel
  • Easy do-it-yourself assembly.
  • Easy connect design for simple frame assembly.
  • All materials are rust resistant, galvanized steel.
  • Pre-assembled gate included.
  • Sunblock System available.
  • Anchor Kit available.

The PetSafe® Box Kennel is an easy do-it-yourself option for pet containment. Constructed with rust-resistant, galvanized steel.
Dimension: 7.5' W. x 7.5' L. x 4' H

Petsafe Box Kennel
  - 75754
7.5'L x 7.5'W x 4'H
Price: $499.99 Sale Price: $449.99     

Sunblock System for Petsafe Dog Kennel
  - 900669
Price: $79.99 Sale Price: $59.99     

Anchor Kit
  - 900672
Price: $49.99 Sale Price: $39.99     

PetSafe Box Kennel Information:

The perfect area for your pet! Easy to assemble with common hand tools, and there are no holes to dig or concrete to mix. For most any space inside or outside. Ideal size for decks, patios, basements, garages, small yards, and more. Can also be used to hold 4 garbage cans and keeping out strays. Box Kennels set-up in only minutes and provide a safe and permanent containment for your pet that is portable enough to be easily repositioned. These chain link box kennels provide an exceptional value for pet owner's who need daily containment for their pet. Box Kennels provide ample room for even the largest breeds. Strong, secure rounded corner steel frame construction is lighter than conventional kennels.

Quick and Easy Set Up - Everything you need to assemble your pet's box kennel is included except for a 1/2 inch wrench! One-hand latch operation allows for door to be opened and closed while handling a pet. Now you can create a full-size chain-link kennel. Our box kennels can be transported with ease – and can be set up quickly with the help of a few simple hand tools. In next to no time, your furry pal will be ready to assume their rightful place in the sun. perfect for almost any space inside or outside. Complete kennel in a box features rust-resistant galvanized steel construction, pre-assembled gate, and all components.

Sunblock System - Sold Separately

It is not fun wearing a fur coat all summer. That is why
there is nothing more important than keeping your pet cool
and well-hydrated on a hot summer day. With the Sunblock
System, you can provide your pet with some all-important
shade to keep them cool, by reducing the temperature
inside their kennel by up to 15 degrees.

Anchor Kit - Sold Separately

Each kit includes four anchors, a drive rod, and four wire rope clamps. This prepackaged kit requires no digging and is
excellent for anchoring most brands of outdoor kennels, playground equipment, trees, fencing, and more! It is strongly recommended to anchor kennels with Sunblock System installed to prevent the kennel's movements on windy days.

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